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LED450 Beacon | Moflash LED Beacons

LED 450 | Moflash LED Beacons

Industrial & Marine Beacon

The LED450 beacon incorporate an ultra bright LED array and offers a three stage alarm option. The unit has a multiple flash rate setting, that can be set at installation, that ranges from 60 flashes per minute up to 120 flashes per minute to create a more noticeable warning signal to the human eye. A rotating light mode and a static (steady on) mode are also available.

The LED450 series is suitable for Industrial & Marine signalling applications where a visual signal is required to operate in very harsh environmental conditions.

The units also have the ability to be fitted with a telephone initiation function and can be used as the second ring output indicator for telephones when installed in very noisy environments. Design allows for termination in the base.

  • Continuously Rated
  • Suitable for surface or wall mounting
  • 4 x M20 side or bottom cable entry
  • High light output
  • IP66

Colour Options

Amber, Red, Green, Blue & Clear

Product Data Sheet
Installation Data Sheet
Ordering Information for the LED450
 Part CodeVoltageLight SourceCurrent
LED450-1812-48v Dc---LED 10 W1.1 / 0.53 / 0.24 A
LED450-22 *100/240v Ac~LED 10 W0.08 A *
*at 230v Ac~
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