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LED-TLM Beacons

LED TLM | Moflash LED Beacons

Stacking Beacon / Light

The LED Tower Light Module series is ideally suited for status indication in light commercial & industrial signalling applications where a local signal is required. These beacons have two selectable stages of alarm, flashing or continuous (static) mode, selectable by a slide switch on the PCB.

The LED TLM ECO range has been designed predominantly to offer a cost effective solution against more traditional incandescent types of lamps, whether through new plant and machinery installations or existing facility upgrades.

The design is modular and is easily assembled. Colour modules are supplied with quick fix terminations that simply push into male terminal in the module below to make a connection. Customer connections are into the base unit only.

Audible modules are also available. The two ECO sounders units (Dc or Ac) offer up to 100dB and are either continuous or pulsed tone and rated at IP54. An additional high output sounder unit offers up to a 120dB and is either continuous or pulsed tone and is rated at IP65. Data sheets available.

  • Continuously rated
  • LED long life
  • Low current consumption
  • 2 point fix
  • Dustproof and Weatherproof

Colour Options

Amber, Red, Green, Blue & Clear

Product Data Sheet
Audible Module
Mounting Base
Ordering information for the LED-TLM
Code No.VoltageLight SourceCurrent
LED-TLM-0224v Dc ---18 SMT LEDs45mA
LED-TLM-0485-275v Ac ~18 SMT LEDs75mA
LED-TLM-AUD-0224v Dc ---n/a55mA
LED-TLM-AUD-0485-275v Ac ~n/a20mA
LED-TLM-BCMounting Base and Cap
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