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About Moflash LED Beacons

Moflash produce a wide range of LED beacons for a variety of applications and environments offering static, flashing, rotating and audible hazard signalling options.

LED beacons are probably the most versatile of all the beacon lamp types currently on the market. Also with the emphasis in today’s world of reducing our carbon footprint and helping the environment, LED technology is no doubt the way forward.


LEDs offer high efficiency and long life whilst only having a low power requirement and therefore are extremely environment friendly. That is an important factor in a more eco-conscious age and the use of LEDs will continue to grow as result.

About Moflash

Based in Birmingham at the heart of Great Britain, Moflash Signalling is the largest independent manufacturer of signalling devices in the UK. Formed from the Moflash Company Co Ltd in 1998, the company has grown dramatically over the last two decades with the introduction of a number of new product lines and the acquisition of signalling products from other manufacturers such as the Klaxon range of hooters and horns, now produced in the Moflash factory.

The company produces a wide range of devices including Incandescent Beacons – both flashing and static, LED Beacons, Xenon Beacons and Rotating Beacons.

On the acoustic side of the business the company offers Air Horns, Bell, Buzzers, Electronic Sounders, Hooters and Piezo devices. Our versatile ranges serve a broad spectrum of markets including industrial, fire, marine, obstruction, process control and EXD.

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