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LED200 Beacon | Moflash LED Beacons

LED 201/200 | Moflash LED Beacons

Flashing, Rotating, Static Beacon

The LED201/200 series incorporates 144, ultra bright single colour LEDs and offers static, flashing or rotating options by use of a jumper switch.

These beacons offer long life, low current consumption and are virtually maintenance free.

These beacons are suitable for security, process control & industrial applications, where low maintenance and long life are the pre-requisite requirement.

This product offers a four stage alarm option, selected by a four way switch on the PCB:

  1. Continuous mode
  2. Flashing mode at 1Hz
  3. Rotating mode: Twin column
  4. Rotating mode: single column

An advantage of the continuous mode is that it can be controlled via a remote source (ie. control panel / plc etc) offering the potential of a remote flashing option. The design allows for termination inside the enclosure through the base.

  • Continuously Rated
  • Suitable for conduit BESA box mounting
  • Suitable for surface or wall mounting
  • 360° visibility
  • IP65

Colour Options


Product Data Sheet
Installation Data Sheet
Telephone Relay Option
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CAD File (.STEP)
Ordering information for the LED201/200 Beacon
Part CodeVoltageColoursCurrent  
LED201-0224v Dc---Red & Amber210mA130mA440mA
Green, Blue & Clear115mA50mA230mA
LED200-04 *90-370v Dc---Red & Amber110/55mA50/25mA200/100mA
70-265v Ac~Green, Blue & Clear65/40mA27/20mA120/59mA
Note: Current consumption is an average over a 60 second cycle
* All Colours @ 115/230v Ac~
* Red/Amber in Static Mode @ 280v DC is 40mA
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