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TL Series Factory Assembled

LED TL (Assembled)| Moflash LED Beacons

Industrial LED Traffic Light

The LED Traffic Light has been designed for industrial & commercial signalling applications where a low maintenance, long life and a cost effective solution is required. The TL system is suitable for car park management, factory traffic control, automated gate and door control systems.

The traffic light units are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and incorporates 36 high output LED’s.


The factory assembled units are available in double (Red & Green) or triple (Red, Amber & Green) mounting configurations and are supplied fully assembled, pre-wired and mounted on wall brackets ready for immediate installation.


These units require external input signals or PLC control to switch visual indication functions (not supplied).


Termination is in the base of the bottom unit and can be accessed via 1 x M16 cable gland.


The mounting brackets allow the units to be off set against the mounting structure giving the traffic lights 180 degree of angle movement, optimising the visual indication position.
  • Continuously rated
  • LED long life + extra bright
  • 120° Prime light output
  • Blue or white colour options available
  • IP65

Colour Options

Available in Amber, Red or Green

Product Data Sheet
LED TL Series Installation Data Sheet
CAD Files (.STEP)
LED TL Double
LED TL Triple
Ordering information for the LED TL (Factory Assembled) Beacon
Code No.VoltageLight SourceCurrent
Double Assembly Unit - Red & Green Lens
LED-TL-01-02-04 8-20v Ac/Dc acdc36 SMT LEDs480mA @12v DC
LED-TL-02-02-04 20-30v Ac/Dc acdc36 SMT LEDs240mA @24v DC
LED-TL-03-02-04 35-85v Ac/Dc acdc36 SMT LEDs155mA @48v DC
LED-TL-05-02-04 40-380v Dc acdc36 SMT LEDs70mA @230v AC
85-280v Ac ~
Triple Assembly Unit - Red, Amber & Green Lens
LED-TL-01-02-01-04 8-20v Ac/Dc acdc36 SMT LEDs720mA @12v DC
LED-TL-02-02-01-04 20-30v Ac/Dc acdc36 SMT LEDs360mA @24v DC
LED-TL-03-02-01-0435-85v Ac/Dc acdc36 SMT LEDs239mA @48v DC
LED-TL-05-02-01-0440-380v Dc acdc36 SMT LEDs110mA @230v AC
85-280v Ac ~
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